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Me - on my Hand-Fasting Day I was born in Germany and my childhood took me to live in various places within the UK and in Hong Kong, due to my parents profession. Eventually myself and my family settled down in North Yorkshire UK where I lived out my teens and early adult years.

There I studied lots of things from beauty therapy, massage, languages, travel, among having various jobs and had two children along the way.

My ‘Life Experience’ led me to settle in Abbotsbury, in south west Dorset (UK) where I met my husband, Roy, and had my third child.

At the age of 33 – in 2010 –  I embarked on a life changing charity trek – for Amnesty International – to Peru, which was where I had my ‘Spiritual Re-Awakening’. 

Click Here  to listen to the GIC Radio Show I was on before I went to Peru.

Click Here  to listen to the GIC Radio Show I was on when I came back from Peru.

When I came back to the UK I decided to channel all that sacred energy I had soaked up in Peru, into learning how to be a Healer. This is where I started my Reiki journey. Over the next few years I achieved levels 1, 2 & 3. I was then able to pass on my knowledge and teach it too.

I opened up a healing center, called ‘Garden of Eve’ in Abbotsbury – in 2011 – and myself, my mum and some wonderful friends ran it for 3 years. We ran workshops, meditation sessions, sold a variety of items from around the world in the shop, we went on sacred walks, I taught Reiki to people of all ages -including couples, we also created a peace garden for people to chill out in and generally had an amazing time.

Click Here for Video.

During this time, I met the local Druids – The Dorset Grove – and I became initiated, at Stonehenge, into their group. When I get the chance I attend gatherings and rituals but we are always connected by spirit.

During my spiritual re-awakening I was privileged to meet many enlightened souls, especially the wonderful people of the GIC – The Global Illumination Council. Which is nowThe Bernard Alvarez Website – I then became an admin myself on the website which led to 1 & a half years of being a co-host on their internet radio show. Bernard, Treva and the team taught me SO much and I became a sponge for knowledge once again.

I was also helping out my husband with his work as a builder/contractor. This was also an eye opening experience and I found myself doing things I never thought i’d do, for example – driving 6 ton dumpers, labouring, logging,  and lots more.

Me & Roy got married, had an amazing hand fasting/heart joining ceremony  see the photos here  – at St. Catherines Chapel in Abbotsbury, moved house – to Portesham – and had my third child all within the year.

In July 2017 we decided to France so we bought an old barn in the mountains of the Cantal. We are renovating it to live in and to let as a holiday let – for more details Click Here

I have now had my 4th child. My healing work is in an amazing, transitional period, which will continue once we are settled into our new home. It has definately grown beyond Reiki and I feel that this next stage in my life is something special indeed. I can’t wait to share it with people.

Due to my recent experiences with having my children I am also training to be a Doula. For more information Click Here

So this has been my journey so far….

…it continues to bring me new wonderful experiences. I am always learning and always in a state of Appreciation, Love and Awe.

I am Living The Dream


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