Vegan Recipes – My Favourites

The book above was the first vegan cookbook I bought and has been like my bible. I haven’t made everything in it yet BUT what I have made turns out exactly like she says it will. They are tasty and diverse and easy peasy to make. I do add things and change the recipies slightly, to my personal taste as i’m getting braver. Jessica has been a god send for me.

I’ve been a vegetarian, on and off, since I was 14. I have also been guilty of (like a lot of people) not being completely conscious about the WHY, WHAT, HOW’S of not eating anything that poo’s… animals. For example, I still wore leather and didn’t look into exactly how much animal products are used in our every days things, not just food.

I am now fully conscious about it all and have turned to full Vegan, which means eating no dairy products either. At some point I’ll write a blog about my transition beacuse it is a very interesting subject. I definately don’t look ‘ill’ on it either, those who do are doing it wrong, in my opinion.

EACH TO THIER OWN is still my moto (even though inside I am full of sadness of the realities) SO I would love to encourage people to EAT HEALTHIER.

Which is why I am collecting all the my favourite VEGAN recipies I have found and actually made AND feed to my family who are not vegan… any questions just ask… enjoy! 


btw I use NO refined sugars (I use Xylitol or coconut sugar) & ALL ORGANIC products

 Medjool Date Raw Energy Bars

Holy Shit Cake

Potato, Mushroom & Kale Hash Skillet

Kale Scones

Nut Roast

Caramelilsed Onions

Green Pesto

Whipped Coconut Cream

Pear & Caramel Tart

Straight up Chocolate Cake

Seedy Crackers


Pizza Pizza Pizza

Black Bean Burgers

Mushroom Stew

Courgette Fritters

Spicy Red Lentil Soup


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